Calibria's Priestess of Pelor


Kaylanna was born in Calibria. She had always been a quiet, well-behaved child, and, in her youth, saw the magic and strength of Pelor and decided to dedicate her life to him. She rose quickly in the ranks of priesthood at became High Priestess at the unusually young age of 30. She has been the Priestess of Pelor for over two decades, and everyone is convinced of her absolute dedication. She reads the rites of agriculture with fervor, and calls upon sunrise every day with piousness. She is, indeed, the epitome of religious passion.

In her possesion, she has some scrolls and ritual books of various kinds (low-level), and she is more than willing to help any adventurers who come seeking for her aid. She knows some cleric spells, but she is by no means skilled, just, perhaps, passable.


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