Alastair, the Shield of the Weak

Unusually tall, open-minded, adaptable, durable

  • HP 29
  • AC 17
  • Fort 13
  • Ref 12
  • Will 15
  • Speed 5
  • STR 14
  • CON 14
  • DEX 11
  • INT 10
  • WIS 13
  • CHA 18

magical long-sword 1d8 +1 to attack and damage rolls
light shield
chain mail

Passive insight 18
passive perception 11


Alastair was born in the womb of a cultural focal point,a mix between elves and humans. At a young age the town where he lived was destroyed by invading orc forces led by the fearsome warlord Grazvog whose tribe worshiped a old and sinister god, whose name was forgotten to all but his faithful worshipers. After the assault, Alastair lost everything. Because of this he became a wandering half-elf with no purpose, this wandering ended when he was taken in by the Silver Spire order of paladins the offered their help in training him in the ways of a defending paladin. Alastair devoted all his time and strength to his training. As Alastair became an ascending paladin amongst the Silver Spire they started giving him assignments and tasks that would help make the world of Norfvarrell a world of good and kindness. During his adventures prior to the events that led up to the formation of the great [Unknown adventuring company name} Alastair became good friends with the Dragonborn Shaman named Arnzul as they both worked together to drive off a common evil that plagued a small village.

Alastair, the Shield of the Weak

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