The Elemental Circle

History, as known.

0 a.F: The mighty dwarven empire of ((Dûn Mir)) falls, prey to internal conflicts and bands of orcs led by the warchief Throk-Feroth.

0-750 a.F: A period known as the Umber Age, of which little is known and records kept are few. The people have descended into ignorance and primal fear. Monsters are found aplenty throughout the world.

676 a.F: Some remote city-states join in a military alliance and become a powerful force that begins to conquer all that surrounds its lands.

745 a.F: The military alliance is now a powerful pseudo-empire.

896 a.F: What began as small city-states is now the largest known empire in the world. It is a haven of safety and security, and there are no major wars. Dissidents are dealt with quickly and surely, as are threats from monsters in the outside.

1121 a.F: The empire begins to grow lax.

1592 a.F: The emperor and nobility, confident in the empire’s glory, grow lazier with every passing year. Monsters are found far more frequently around the borders. Bandits are found in large numbers in the less civilized sections of the empire.

1905 a.F: Nobles plot against each other more openly, vying for the position of Emperor. A mighty orc on the outskirts of the empire proclaims himself to be Throk-Feroth brought back to life. He resists all attempts to be put down.

1922 a.F: The empire is at war with the orcs. The emperor is assassinated by one of the court nobles, rendering the empire leaderless while the nobles deliberate.

1937+ a.F: The empire has fallen, leaving only ruins behind, and legends of civilization. Towns become isolated and small. Monsters run rampant across the countryside. The orcish horde, with Throk-Feroth’s death, begin to bicker among themselves again, and dissolve into groups fighting for supremacy.

The world becomes a dark place, filled with forgotten places and terrible beasts the devour any who are dumb enough to venture too far outside their village. The stage is set of heroes to come and deliver the people of this world from darkness. But the question remains – who will take such heavy responsibility on their shoulders?

Elemental Circle
Kobold Invasion!

Diary Entry, Arnzul Chaoswing.

Day One Our group approached Calibria upon nightall. As we neared the entrance two guards asked us: “What do you seek to do in Calibria?”. We tell them that we seek shelter and food for the night, and they respond “How do we know we can trust you? We live in dark times.” At this Aukan, our good and trusty Goliath Barbarian, who is seemingly eight foot tall slaps his fist against his open palm and says in a growling voice “We want in”. The guards quiver in fright and let us into the street of Calibria. The streets have some travelers running to their homes for a warm bed and good bed to sleep in. However our gang was battered and in need of supplies so we decided to pass by the Silver Unicorn, a lit building that appeared to be a Inn of some sort. We took note but searched for a shop, we noticed one shop but it was closed at this time of the night. We came across a shady looking building and decided to enter the premises. It was a store run by a Tiefling, I purchased with all my money a full leather set, Aukan bought a halberd, Zorov a mace, and our invoker Fareth bought a quarter-staff of sorts. We headed over to the Silver Unicorn. As a shaman I feel more comfortable in the wide bed of earth and open air, however, my companions find the luxuries of the city a more safe and snug place to rest and recuperate so I tolerate their actions. The Innkeeper Braelus seemed like a hearty man, roaring in laughter and serving drinks. As we settle inside, the warm ambient and scent of ale catch our attention. We split into groups of two for the rooms. Aukan and Zorov will take the room on the right corridor and Farah and I take the one to the left. After searching the room and waking Farah up i found a total of 10 gold coins, we decided to make a pot apart from the rest of the group. I decided to observe the sky before taking a well deserved rest. I immediately noticed our “tactical” Goliath heading over to the hafling’s shop he was so keen on breaking into. To avoid trouble I headed over to the towns barracks and distract the guards who where on duty. I spoke to them of nature and its benefits. Aukan successfully ransacked the store, depriving it of a quantity of supplies. I perceived this and decided that the guards had suffered enough of my lecture, and headed back to the Silver Unicorn for some rest.


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